With a mission to serve the long-term development needs in developing countries, ReDePro closely works with local partners and civil society at sub-national and national levels. The axiom of ReDePro’s work is the principle of local ownership. Co-operating with local stakeholders is at the core of all projects. Only when partners are convinced that ReDePro is listening to their needs, can it successfully provide sustainable and lasting support.


Members of ReDePro have worked on many assignments and projects around the world, and have built up a solid network of professionals that act as resource persons. ReDePro works with civil society organisations, government agencies and academic networks to build their capacity and support them to respond to the needs and concerns of people.


The ultimate aim of ReDePro's programmes is to create sustainable social and economic stability. Good governance is an important aim in this context, since the quality of life in a country depends on the quality of its institutions.